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I just got back in town from a small vacation and being a part of one of my childhood friend's wedding. During the time I spent in Nashville I had the chance to look over this shoot and was surprised at the number of gems we took that I missed the first time I viewed them back in January. 

This is why it's important to look over your work months or even years after they're taken and retouched. Your eye is constantly being trained to see new things, more details so you can learn a great deal from your past work.

This shoot landed me a spot to showcase my work for RAW Artist Milwaukee. I had a lot going on at the time so I wasn't able to participate but the plan is to do it for 2018.

Being in Tennessee helped me get in the mindset of moving to a bigger city. As my ideas grow I realize that there's not nearly enough room in Racine to expand.

Sincere was amazing during this shoot. I knew that we captured a lot of great shots but not to this magnitude. It was one of the simplest shoot I've done so far in terms of preparation and attire but it's one of my favorite shoots in regards to the mood we created.


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