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Chris Adam Taylor is a revered, self-taught portrait photographer. Acclaimed by a variety of published magazines and model muses, the Milwaukee resident has honed an aesthetically awe-inspiring, arcane portfolio to date. 


Having a hereditary appetency for artistry, the inner city Racine, Wisconsin native was inspired by his vocally gifted parents. Music; in addition to the underlying meticulous mastery of jazz, 70s soul vocalists and producers, has always been a prominent point of admiration, study and influence for his detail-oriented craft.  What began with an economical $50 Olympus point-and-shoot camera resulted in Chris Adam Taylor documenting life in front of the lens circa 2011-2012. 


His work initially consisted of capturing nightlife, outings and commemorative pictures of loved ones. His pivotal transition to creative photography soon followed and from that moment onwards, photography ceased to be a pastime and transformed into his career trajectory.


~written by Lei Rey, author


"I’ll never forget working with a photographer named Chris from Wisconsin.  My sister had introduced me to him once I really wanted to get into modeling. Chris helped me so much with my modeling from posing, learning about lighting, ideas, creativity, and overall he is a good friend. I worked with Chris a lot when I was living in Illinois."
- Sincere Williams, Model, Voyage LA
"I would like to give a shoutout to Chris Adam Taylor. Not only is he an amazing photographer, but he is a great teacher and friend. I've learned a lot from him - from model poses to how to work the camera. Every shoot we've done together has been magic because we don't stop until we get it perfect!"
- Brianna Payne, Model, Evon Magazine
"Amazing skill and vision. Very personable"
- Pradia Slack, Model, Musician
"Chris Adam Taylor aka Wisconsin's Photography savant - fellow January Aqua's are one of a kind.  Thank you for actively choosing to depict black women as the antithesis to the hypersexualized, substandard, redundant trope of today and for highlighting our delicate, feminine, natural and majestic attributes through your art. Again, we go against the grain"
- Lei Bonne Voyage from her book "Traipse. Taste. Repeat"
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