My name is Christopher Taylor. I'm a self-taught fine-art and editorial photographer born and raised in the inner-city of Racine, Wisconsin. I began shooting around 2004-2005 with a $50 Olympus point-and-shoot camera I purchased from a nearby Walgreens. Years before moving onto fine-art and editorial photography my work mainly consisted of capturing nightlife outings and taking photos of family and friends. After years of buying, using and even losing cameras, my then-girlfriend upgraded me to a Canon PowerShot for my 28th birthday. It was miles ahead of the previous cameras I owned but was limited after realizing that I was shooting with a built-in lens. After some research, owning a Nikon DSLR camera became a goal of mine and after a few months, I used a check I earned from profit sharing at my then-job and some cash from savings to buy the Nikon D3200. Photography became more than just a hobby from that moment forward.
Likely because of my background as an artist photography came fairly easy to me. I've scratched the surface of several genres of art such as poetry, literature, graphic design, illustration, sketching, etc. These experiences and skills helped define my photographic style.