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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up!

It's the First of the Month! (In my best impression of Bizzy Bone's nasal-alto voice)

We're one month away from summer and I'm stoked! So many projects in the making. So many opportunities to create and meet new people. As some of you know, in February I was recruited to share a studio space with a team of creatives. I actually met the owner's Father in the middle of a photoshoot early last year. He knew exactly who I was and complimented me on my work. Fast forward 1-year and we're doing business together. Having access to this space has completely revolutionized my artwork and my overall understanding of the business of photography.

But, I've been keeping a secret and I must confess .... I'm taking my talents to ...uh ..

Arizona? Nevada? California?

I'm honestly not sure yet ... But I'm dead-serious about relocating. At this point, I would consider living abroad if I were presented with the right opportunity. I'm willing to follow behind this obsession wherever it takes me. I have an actress from Chicago that I'll be shooting towards the middle of the month then I have two models from Sweden (yeah ...from Sweden. Crazy right?) that I'll be working with towards the end of the month. They both have very rare looks that I've yet to capture or witness from anyone so far. My muse Sincere (@sincere_williams_) will be visiting from California along with her best friend (@kikicraigen) so I'll be working with the both of them as well. May is going to be epic and as we slowly approach summer I truly feel that this will be one of my best yet. Oh, almost forgot to mention that I've shed 30 pounds since January. Once I reach my fitness goal I'll be doing some work in front of the camera.

Yes, in front of the camera. No typo. I wanted to take the time to update you all and showcase what we've been creating. I just had my first outdoor shoot since last November two weekends ago so most of the photos below are in studio. Thank you.

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